Thursday, March 3, 2011

Create Your Future Now!

Hours of The Day Design Your Future

During your hours of the day, all is about what you want in your life. How you can create into a reality your dreams and thoughts real quick.

When you are sensing the intensive power inside of you that wants to create itself - you want to go to action. Create your future is at first, when you open your eyes to it, is knowing that your thoughts is what you should study, master and then change your life and command and master your emotions.

Making life pleasant

In many years now, I have been working as a Business Manager, a CEO, and very often to adjust, if you follow me, habits thinking and thoughts that can master people in their daily work. These thinking, habits and thoughts are so much into making life pleasant and to learn. This until the day that you understand that very little of your dreams pushes you into a wealthy and more wonderful life, than the life you live today.

 Meditation, healing and psychic reading

I learned meditation, healing and psychic reading, and after some years I was a teacher and of course this I accepted. And till this day, it must be well over thousand psychic readings, healings and guidance both as a student and as a teacher.

So, I know that we basically only have one or two, core questions that has to be solved, or better, understood. When you are aware of it, and how it limits you, you have found your wealth secret. Things starts to happen automatically.

Create your future is what you do every second of your day.

Improve Yourself
Individual Capacity

With insights and knowledge, I decided to find ways, channels, to help as many as possible to find a better path where the individual capacity can open up. It starts by being in a safe and relaxed position where you can “study yourself.”

Be critical, maybe write words like what you are doing during the day. Study your “own work,” what is your creation of today.

I give you a very simple first little exercise to enjoy.

Creation of today – one week exercise – 3 creations
The headline is, (think of it as a letter to yourself.)

“Today I have created...” You are now only going to write three obvious clear creations. No more. Take what comes from the top of your head. On that piece of paper underline one creation that you like the best. Everything you have written on that piece of paper is fine. Do not judge yourself and do it for a whole week.

“Today I have created...” 1. 2. 3.

-Write your three creations
-Underline the very best creation
-Study your underlined creations

Do this every day for a week and You will find what you like and dislike and where you have the least resistance.

Shift Of Thinking

Maybe you will also automatically, do some slow changes and shift of thinking and your creative thoughts might guide you to start to “create your future now.”

There will be some resistance in your mind, of course, to accept your written words when you are reading your “notes,” your creations, as you sum up, day by day.

Remember this easy exercise can light up your day, maybe only a little, but nevertheless important.

Do it, try it, write your three creations for the day. I have done it, and I have laughed, and I have found some answers. These answers have given me things in my life that I really like to do.

So finally I give you a tool, Mind Movies 2.0 Platform, an amazing Mastery Video Series.

You can create your future and your personal video. I also give you my complimentary gift two of my best book and at no cost.

Enjoy and create your future in a new different way
Anders Jacobsson, career counseling and coaching

PS. You as I, want a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life and start to "Command and Master Your Emotions".
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Davids, The Weekly Life Review!

Me, Anders Jacobsson - I want You to listen to me and David talking.

David and Pure Reality.
A friend of mine, David, he says: "I want no more guessing, no more doubts, Just pure reality."
I am always expressing myself correctly, what I feel, and what I want. It is my pure reality. But...
Count Your Potential in Real Value!

You and I Have Dreams
I met David in our hometown, where we studied and lived a while ago. We talked about life in general, but David was coming back over and over again, to the days we had, being like 20.
We had dreams, we had experiences and we were full of life. Of course he asked me about my life? What has life been giving you, he asked?
I told him about my life, family, friends and such.

But as minutes went by, we talked about having taking care of our family and children, and that this days were so wonderful with lots and lots of happy life, we had something in common.

Desires and Expectations
We were a little stuck, at that time when we met, between what we wanted in life, and what was expected from us.
The discussion went by, and You know when friends meet, it is liked walking through different phases, you know the usual stuff and we laugh. The positive energy is there growing and we both understood that we have missed each other very much.

Crucial Support
We were back in the old days, when supporting and helping each other was so obvious and you get so much back. This support is crucial, especially being young. Friends has eyes and ears, and they are helping out, whatever happens, and you give your help back. You know what I mean, sorrow and joy.

These days are crucial. It is a base to use to attract life later on. A kind of life initiation. Days just when things are waiting for you around the corner.

We agreed on, that we were more knowledgeable today and from the things we have created, given ourselves.

Change your life, Change your emotions
But soon we understood the we were stuck. We wanted more out of life. Kids were older, and so on, and now we wanted to study life. Yes, emotions, the feelings you have, in different situations and how it change your life. When young, emotions guides you more, habits are often strangers.


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Davids, The "Weekly Life Review!"

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Talk Soon
Anders Jacobsson

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Are You Upset The Law Of Attraction Is Not Working For You Particularly In The Area Of Attracting Money?


I don’t know about you, but I seem to get the feeling that people are generally frustrated the Law of Attraction is not working consistently for them, ESPECIALLY in the area of wealth.

The Law of Attraction to Help

Sure, people have used the Law of Attraction to help them in many areas of life, from love and relationships to career to health. But wealth seems to be the area of priority for most people, and ironically, it also seems to be the area most people find least success in. It almost feels like there’s a correlation…

A scale of 1-10 on Your Focus on Wealth

I’m curious to see if I’ve somehow hit the nail on the head with this observed correlation, so I’ll be interested to know on a scale of 1-10, how much focus have you put into expanding your wealth by using the Law of Attraction? And, on a scale of 1-10, how successful have you been with the Law of Attraction to attract money into your life?

Just let me know in the comments. Cheers.

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Anders Jacobsson
Wonders of Wealth

Let Me Know What You Think, ask questions.
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Change Your Emotions and Change Your Life

Self Miracle Is Your Intellectual Resolution Without Thinking

A self Miracle must be understood as an unstated. It is reached by you and acknowledged. Your understanding, works instinctively and equivalent with your ingenious. Change your being and it is doable the results may not be observed by you at all, as you are by now enjoying the life-changing moments.

Your “Survival Kit” For The Mind Is What Forces You Forward

Creative visualization and incentive is a key in understanding and are included in what I call “survival kit” for the heart and soul.

These are the parts in the “survival kit” and are shaping Your Self Miracle

1. Know that you are always loved
2. Assist others and you will find help yourself
3. Let everythingyou want have its time to come to you

When all the 3 parts mentioned above are working properly together your Self Miracle will be yours when looked-for.

Know That You Are Always Loved

No one can live without being loved. You can open your intelligence to others only to get the contact and learn for yourself.

Care for is, when studying it, a condition when everything is neutral. Nothing is hurting you; your spirit, not your body or your mind is hurt, in this neutralstate. You are reacting very calm. The real life is you.
This is when the energy, near you, is solid and firm and has no and has no power on you.

Now when the whole thing is “comfortable” the real you can make the life-changing decision – you are neutral! The right and exact information’s comes to you and you are living and impending your “Self Miracle.”

Help others and you will get help yourself

When helping others, you use your knowledge to get things quicker and easier done forever helping others. Your friends, your coworkers make days easier to live and get through when helping others.
If you do your work helping others, you will be cherished and “highly ranked.” You are going to feel better and you find that every day is your Self Miracle.

Let Everything You Want, Have Its Time to Move Towards You

“It is time for this to happen!” I believe that you have heard that before sometime. In my study and doing psychic readings I see that we are in so great hast in letting everything happen before it is at all a opportunity.

I say: “You have your own schedule for everything in life.” If you hurry yourself and push your life, then you fail to see the opportunity to live.

Is this easy and clear enough?

If you want your Self Miracle to come to you and expand –

• “Enjoy your steps in life.”
• “Be the witness of life.”
• “Find the very small sign of development that you get every day, and in real life that confirms your dreams or goals”

If you are very decisive knowing what you want, then life gives you everything.

Best of wishes
Anders Jacobsson

"How to Command and Master Your Emotions"
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Self-Talk Motivation and Reflections On THe Written Words

Become Positive Thinker

Self-talk is a method we use to become positive thinkers. When we talk over our problems with self, it helps us to come closer to ourselves and to learn to trust our actions. Using self-talk we can change our behaviours that interrupt our lives. We can use self-talk to find motivation to heal our body, mind and spirits.

Postive Reflection

Self-talk is a positive reflection that gives us energy. When we feel good inside we have natural energy that will flourish. As we start to feel good, our lives become easier. We find our self-productive at work, in relationships, at home, in society and so on. Self-talk then is a great way to cutback cost, since we do not have to rely on counsellors, rather we can learn to manage our life by using our own innate abilities.

Rewards From Self-Talk

You gain many rewards from self-talk. Self-talk gives you the chance to boost self-confidence, self-esteem and to learn more about the person that you really are. In addition, you learn your history. This brings you to learn your purpose in life, which is vital to survive successfully. Once more, you learn your personality, which is outstanding, since you need this information also to survive successfully in life.

Failure To Know Who We Really Are

It has long been proven that most of our problems come from failure to know who we are. Thus, knowing you is the ultimate step to thinking positive and living a successful life. For this reason, we need to learn how to use self-talk as a consoling friend to live a happier life.

Being The Thinker

You are the thinker, always. You cannot create anything without having the possibility to think. What you think is then about to create your real life. Your thoughts give you life. When being the thinker you can see in your mind as on a stage your life. We humans are active thinkers.

Self-Talk Can Be Frustrating For Others

Self-Talk can never be automated. I mean that if you let the Self-Talk just take you away out in “the space,” - Stop that, do not allow this to happen. Self-Talk is inspiring always. Get into the mood of feeling the joy. It can be frustrating for others if you go and talk to yourself, that is another question and it is not Self-Talk. Self-Talk is a way to build your consciousness to a higher level, nothing else.

Self-Talk and The Written Words

Self-Talk is fantastic, but I like to convince everybody that my written word is trustworthy. How are you doing your reading. Are you talking to yourself as you read word by word or are you the speed-reader? The written word are not Self-Talk. Words you read goes directly into your fantasy or starts your intellect depending on the "clouds of word". Self-talk and the written words has no connection at all.

Being The Thinker.


Anders Jacobsson

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Millions In True Potential -Featuring -"The Science of Getting Rich " 7 Lessons

You will succeed… You will get rich…

7 Lessons on How To Get Rich

I Am A Kind Of Fortuneteller, Are You.

This is when you can feel and see in your own mind what is about to happen. Not only in your life but also in others, an overall “seeing” what is about to come into the reality, showing itself in front of you. However, you cannot grab it, it is just a feeling of amusement, and maybe you let it stop with this feeling. You do not know how to progress.

A Fortuneteller Can Attract Money

I have taught myself to trust me as a fortuneteller. I ask you; who are better to know, what you want in life. That is right it is you so now you can start trusting you as your own fortuneteller when you create your life and attract money. You as your own fortuneteller are now going to attract money. The money you attract is coming into reality from your rich dream.

It Is a Great Advantage Seeing What is Coming And Accepting It.

I think this has been for me a great advantage that I know what is coming, I feel and I see what is right. I express myself, I say what is on my mind and what my subconscious mind tells me, shows me like in an act playing in my mind, this will come to you now. This “is created” in your life, you have created it, it will come to you. Do you want it? Alternatively, do you have to change it?

A Great Advice to You Now from me Anders Jacobsson

Keep everything that you want for yourself. Do not ever tell anyone what your wishes are and how they "are shown" in front of you, like signs or feeling, do not! When you have a rich dream, this is a reminder what to expect.

Now I will tell you why. In my experience as "fortuneteller", I have realized, if I keep my "constructions of wishes and great thoughts" to myself all the time until the very moment that my created thoughts has come true in some parts then everything happens all by itself.

I know because I practice this. Doing this, does not mean that you are keeping secrets from others, no, it is you who are creating your own life, and the very best is, when it is done this way, it is always for the very best of others too.
You cannot go wrong. Try a small thing. Start at that position.

7 Lessons

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This 7 Beautiful Lessons opens your mind into a wider life and your millions in true potential.

Anders Jacobsson and my teaching in short

I have been teaching in many years on the subject of getting to know yourselft better, and finding the tools to understand how things in life are approaching and how to handle different matters needed to take care of and at the same time having the trust. I beleive knowing more about yourself is a good way to understand how to become a millionaire. Using this 7 lessons to attract money will get you on the track and learn how to get rich.

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Anders Jacobsson
Business Manager

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thinking Is a Life Important Function for You and Everybody

Thinking Is a Life Important Function for You and Everybody

When you are in the state of thinking a reality is showing itself in your mind. You can view your reality that is about to happen. You can perceive the nature of your life, and the reality you are creating is coming much closer to you now. Things will happen, and this life that you are watching, in your mind, is yours and it will soon be your new reality.

In your life thinking is your "life important function.”

Puzzle of thoughts are showing life

You are observing this thinking of yours and the puzzle of thoughts that comes with it in your mind. Thoughts go from a possible reality and often then straight into your presence. Furthermore thoughts go then into your active life. You can master this process as it is always continuing. You do this by asking for a special result or even demanding in detail what you want out of your life.

Choices to make are “the Realization of Your Life”

Now, you have as a result of these thinking and situations in life, choices to make towards what you really want to happen in your life. You are now pointing at the very best of the achievable directions you have. You can with the help of your “intuition”, (old learning in life,) understand that life is ok. So, accept the situation, and keep everything that you are pointing at and wanting. Do something creative with what you now already have and expand it. Move all into your realizing form.

Choices are completing the puzzle, life

Choices that you have made in your mind are now being completed, created, and you are living your life formed by those choices. Choices made out of the highest speed, sometimes very difficult to understand and accept as I see it. The wishes, the choices are your life, bit by bit and are they going to suit you? Sometimes they will, yes and sometimes they will not, no. Now you are correcting, following and enjoying your life, learning, appreciating and this is amazing.

Your Thinking is like a Created Pattern

Let us imagine that what you are thinking is like a pattern that you have created. Imagine also that if this pattern is not fully recognized by you in your present life right now, then things can and will go without doubt wrong. In this situation treat yourself kindly and find the way back to your pattern and keep on deciding what to do minute by minute.

Some new decisions has to be made and are easy when they being the right ones. Often when things are not going your way, then the decisions made are not actually yours, you follow an unknown stream of energy, and you might be in a state of "distraction." You might have been influenced by others and their thinking and patterns that are being very close to you and your own created patterns. So, take care of your goals and pattern and keep everything, hold them close to you and have them in your own views. Have trust and faith in yourself in your goals and patterns. Learn and remember what you are seeing. You are following your created pattern.

"Stops" are made in life to correct your goal towards your fortune

Stops are made for you in your life and these stops is there to "feed" yourself automatically with knowledge to perceive if the life supported energy is in your path now. Maybe you have to wait for things to be created around you and please have some faith in these moments. The thinking of yours will put you on to the track again when time is right, it is a kind of protection, I would say. Do not force anything. So, you are always, allow me to say, moving "west" to your future and it is there for you, created with the best of help from your thinking and thoughts.

I say this is why your thinking is a Life Important Function. This is how "the Law of Thinking" is working for the very best for you and everyone.

Approaching Your “Automatic” Life and There is always a new day

I will surprise you that most parts, described above, like the choices and the corrections, are happening automatically. But You are always directing the way, this, I would beyond doubt like to call "realization of your life". This phase, going from thought to reality, is the easy part.

You have also the guarantee given to yourself that you have the knowledge of where the goal for the day is to be reached. You are now approaching it automatically.

You are the center in the universe and your choices and your way you walk in life is your way. You are not allowed to and you cannot blame anyone, for anything that “happens” to you. It is your life that you are living, your choices and no one else lives your life. That is so fantastic and we are always so anguish to take the next step and live and approach our life, can anything be more fantastic? There is always a new day.

A Conclusion

I often say to people when things are not always going their directions; "Hold the energy close to you, keep all decisions to yourself, don't let anyone know. Live your life, give trust to yourself. Ask for advice when you have to and give advice when you are asked to answer. The person asking you for help knows that you have the answer. “Help others." That is it.

Anders Jacobsson

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