Thursday, March 3, 2011

Create Your Future Now!

Hours of The Day Design Your Future

During your hours of the day, all is about what you want in your life. How you can create into a reality your dreams and thoughts real quick.

When you are sensing the intensive power inside of you that wants to create itself - you want to go to action. Create your future is at first, when you open your eyes to it, is knowing that your thoughts is what you should study, master and then change your life and command and master your emotions.

Making life pleasant

In many years now, I have been working as a Business Manager, a CEO, and very often to adjust, if you follow me, habits thinking and thoughts that can master people in their daily work. These thinking, habits and thoughts are so much into making life pleasant and to learn. This until the day that you understand that very little of your dreams pushes you into a wealthy and more wonderful life, than the life you live today.

 Meditation, healing and psychic reading

I learned meditation, healing and psychic reading, and after some years I was a teacher and of course this I accepted. And till this day, it must be well over thousand psychic readings, healings and guidance both as a student and as a teacher.

So, I know that we basically only have one or two, core questions that has to be solved, or better, understood. When you are aware of it, and how it limits you, you have found your wealth secret. Things starts to happen automatically.

Create your future is what you do every second of your day.

Improve Yourself
Individual Capacity

With insights and knowledge, I decided to find ways, channels, to help as many as possible to find a better path where the individual capacity can open up. It starts by being in a safe and relaxed position where you can “study yourself.”

Be critical, maybe write words like what you are doing during the day. Study your “own work,” what is your creation of today.

I give you a very simple first little exercise to enjoy.

Creation of today – one week exercise – 3 creations
The headline is, (think of it as a letter to yourself.)

“Today I have created...” You are now only going to write three obvious clear creations. No more. Take what comes from the top of your head. On that piece of paper underline one creation that you like the best. Everything you have written on that piece of paper is fine. Do not judge yourself and do it for a whole week.

“Today I have created...” 1. 2. 3.

-Write your three creations
-Underline the very best creation
-Study your underlined creations

Do this every day for a week and You will find what you like and dislike and where you have the least resistance.

Shift Of Thinking

Maybe you will also automatically, do some slow changes and shift of thinking and your creative thoughts might guide you to start to “create your future now.”

There will be some resistance in your mind, of course, to accept your written words when you are reading your “notes,” your creations, as you sum up, day by day.

Remember this easy exercise can light up your day, maybe only a little, but nevertheless important.

Do it, try it, write your three creations for the day. I have done it, and I have laughed, and I have found some answers. These answers have given me things in my life that I really like to do.

So finally I give you a tool, Mind Movies 2.0 Platform, an amazing Mastery Video Series.

You can create your future and your personal video. I also give you my complimentary gift two of my best book and at no cost.

Enjoy and create your future in a new different way
Anders Jacobsson, career counseling and coaching

PS. You as I, want a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life and start to "Command and Master Your Emotions".
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